All You Want To Know About Employee Recruitment


Every company wants the best individuals to be hired for their vacant posts. And for this, they take a number of steps and actions to look for candidates with the best potentials. The basic format of recruiting employees for any company is by posting ads for vacant positions, scanning through resumes, arranging for interviews, shortlisting the best candidates and then selecting the final ones. But, the details and procedures vary from company to company.

If you wish to do all of this on your own, you need to have the time and professionals to carry out the job for you. However, if you do not want to invest in this tedious and responsibility-filled task all by yourself, you can approach iDeal HR Service, a reputed and professional staff recruitment agency in Hosur, who has enough experience to bring to companies appropriate candidates for any kind of job vacancies in any field.

Key phases of recruitment

For hiring an employee, every company goes through three main phases – planning, recruitment and selection.

Planning – This is the stage when a company decides upon the number of job vacancies in the organization, the number of employees they want to hire, and the skill sets they require for every job posting.

Recruitment – This is when the company tries to reach to candidates through job postings, advertisements, referrals, etc. Interested candidates are then called for group 1 interviews and other methods of assessment. All kinds of possible evaluations are made and maximum information is gained about the candidates by conducting background checks, reference checks and credit checks. After taking into consideration all sorts of information, a small number of candidates are shortlisted from the lot, based on how well they fit into the job position. These candidates are then called again for more intricate interviews. Thus, an interview process may involve multiple interrogation rounds.

Selection – After complete evaluation and assessment of the information, the company decides upon the candidates who will be hired.

How do companies approach candidates?

There are multiple ways in which a company can approach or reach out to candidates across the city, state or country.

Traditional methods – Majority of companies use the traditional methods of recruitment like posting job vacancies in newspapers, listing jobs on online job boards, going in for college recruitments, or posting open positions on their company website.

Website postings – Many companies post available jobs on their company website. Job applicants can look at these listings and apply for job online. These applicants are then notified by email or phone calls if their resumes match the criteria. Interviews are then arranged either online or through personal meeting.

Job boards – Another way of posting ads online is on job boards and job sites who are mediators between companies and jobseekers.

Recruiting companies – Some companies work with recruiting companies like iDeal HR Service to find applicants, who take up the entire responsibility of bringing appropriate candidates to the organization floor.

Social networking – Some companies use social networking sites to recruit candidates as people from all sorts of backgrounds, fields and ages are active on such platforms.