What Are The Benefits Of Online Recruitment?

We all are familiar with how technology is advancing in every industry. In fact, even the process of recruitment has gone online with the amazing number of technologies coming up. Incorporating some or all of the sources like internet job boards, resume databases, applicant tracking systems, online testing, and many others, we are seeing a more streamlines recruitment process these days. The recruitment industry has been revolutionized and the recruitment process has been accelerated with quick and effective hiring. This revolution has been popularly embraced because of the several benefits it brings to both employers and candidates. Apart from posting your job ads online, you can also hire a professional staff recruitment agency in Hosur like iDeal HR Service, who has all the expertise to manage the entire talent acquisition process, job profiling, selection, training, and development procedures, and can help you get the best candidates on the job while saving a lot of time and hassle on your part.

It helps reach a wide audience

It is obviously understood that the internet can help reach a larger and more targeted audience than any other media, without having to pay anything extra. Almost 80% of people use the internet today, so you can imagine how fruitful this process can prove to be! Also, almost 100% of the 18 to 28 age group use the internet on a daily basis. This helps employers reach out to all young candidates easily. This proves beneficial to the candidates too. by posting their resume online, they are able to access jobs in various companies with vacant positions and can apply immediately.

It saves time

Online recruitment helps job seekers search for a job and employers search for candidates 24×7, whenever they wish to. Candidates can upload their resume on career sites, which goes public immediately, resulting in companies calling the candidates quickly once their resume satisfies them. Similarly, even hiring managers don’t need to spend days to find the right candidate. With a website, detailed description, and proper keywords, companies can attract job seekers and receive online applications instantly. This can further be transformed into an online interview, thus saving lots of time for both candidates and employers. In the process, all non-appropriate candidates are automatically striked off the list, producing a shortlist within minutes, rather than days of going through hundreds of resumes.

It reduces cost

Placing job advertisements on the internet is much cheaper than placing them in newspapers and magazines. Job portals are 30% more cost effective than other costs of newspapers and the like for the same reach and period of time. In fact, it has even been proved that job portals can be up to 90% lower than costs of using traditional search methods! And with online ad placing, candidates can view the job related to their own respective field, and approach the employer almost instantly without wasting much time. In fact, if you use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can also place your ads for free and link them to your website where candidates can look for job specifications, and upload their resume.

It is flexible and long-lasting

How long can you have an ad posted on a newspaper, magazine, or any such media? And what if in the middle of the procedure, you want to alter your ad? It’s not possible, right? But, with online recruitment procedures, you can have a longer ad life, and you can also modify your ad as per your requirement at any time, with no extra cost. Also, online job posts can be visible until the author or website removes it; and this could go a long way!

It brings a list of filtered resumes

Job portals today are equipped with latest tools, technologies, and filtration criteria that can help employers find potential future candidates in the easiest, fastest, and most efficient manner. The screening and sorting tools can easily filter the resumes that are available in bulk, to bring out the most efficient and talented resumes suitable for the job. Moreover, tools like pre-employment screening, personality assessments, and testing can help in quick selection of qualified candidates that match the organization’s values and culture.