How Do Born Leaders And Made Leaders Affect An Organization?


What makes a great leader? Is it his natural instincts or is he created through his circumstances, environment and efforts?

Choosing a great leader is important for those in recruitment and training fields. It is important to choose who among a set of candidates has the qualities to lead and benefit the organization for a long term. A good leader tends to lead its team and stay with the company for longer and perform better. On the other hand, selection of a wrong team leader can cost lots of time and money, leading to damage of the organization’s reputation.

It has been declared that in the years to come, finding capable leaders is going to be a tough job because there will be leadership scarcity. Lack of leadership is one of the top business concerns today, and it is going to be even bigger in the future. Leadership is the hardest skill to find in individuals. This is why hiring professionals need to be contacted to help an organization find the best individuals. iDeal HR Service is a leading staff recruitment agency in Hosur who is well-versed with finding appropriate individuals for the job and also giving them assistance and training where necessary.

Getting back to the question we asked earlier, why does it matter if a leader is born or created? This question is important because it has substantial impact on how individuals are recruited. If a leader is born, recruiters need to only look out for leadership qualities without being highly concerned with every individual’s potential. On the other hand, if a leader is created, leadership coaching and development training need to be promoted.

It is researched that born leaders are more dedicated towards decision making than those who are created. It is a known fact that an individual’s psychological and physiological functions impact his behaviour and attitude. Thus, individuals born with certain characteristics are inherently suited to leadership. On the other hand, there are other professionals who argue that regardless of the qualities you may have or may not have been born with, they won’t be developed without being exercised. Thus, even if you are born with promising leadership qualities, it is only through dedication and hard work that you can reach your true potential.

The five major leadership traits include self-confidence, determination, integrity, intelligence and sociability. Other qualities include honesty, communication and ability to delegate responsibilities to others. Recruiters need to test candidates for these qualities to get an accurate reflection of their personality profile. This will in turn help them to decide whether or not a candidate has leadership potential.

For those who need to be nurtured and taught, leadership development programs educate individuals on the skills and requirements of leadership. Candidates are also taught to deal with ever-changing demands and managerial stress by being explained the daily challenges that senior managers regularly face. These programs help individuals to be more apt to deal with rapidly changing market conditions. iDeal HR Service is not only a reputed staff recruitment agency, but also offers customizable consulting services to address every training need.