How To Build A Better Corporate Culture?


Organization who have a booming culture today reap the greatest benefits of attracting the best talent, having the lowest turnover, and being more profitable in the long term. And, the secret for a booming culture is an effective strategy. Employees want to feel part of something bigger than themselves and their jobs today, and you need to provide them that to have them motivated and consider themselves a part of a large workplace culture. So, what is driving the importance of workplace culture so high in today’s business world? Let’s take a look.

True culture is evident in your company’s values, beliefs, attitude, and behaviour. However, it is very complex and can only be formed over the long term. Moreover, culture is the element that connects people in a workplace with purpose. If employees engaged in a workplace culture feel that they belong there, they work much harder and enthusiastically, which ultimately positively affects business results. Moreover, employee engagement also drives better quality, innovation, cost efficiency, which in turn brings in higher customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Check out these few statistics to understand this theory better.

  • Companies with engaged employees observe 25% lesser absence of employees with 50% fewer sick leaves.
  • Companies with engaged employees see more than 25% higher annual revenue increase and more than 200% greater customer loyalty.
  • Companies with a highly aligned workplace culture and innovative strategies observe 30% higher enterprise value growth and at least 15% higher profit growth than otherwise.

The above numbers must clear off any doubts almost immediately! Now, let us see how you can strengthen your company culture and boost employee engagement in the workplace.

Start right with job posting

You must start highlighting your company culture right from the time you post a job opening. During the interview process, review your communication style, and put in all you can to emphasize on the company’s vision, value, and brand. Whatever you do, you must be able to have them eager to get the job.

Work out an onboarding strategy

A positive onboarding experience can lead to longer stays of your employees on the job. In fact, it is a make or break moment that can have a direct impact on employee engagement. So, create it with a structured strategy that highlights your company’s culture, rather than having an informal welcome program.

Have open and genuine conversations

You must keep communication lines open across all levels of your company to establish a culture of trust. Also, employee contributions and achievements should be recognized and appreciated. Such open, transparent, and motivating culture can have a major impact on engagement and lower turnover rates.

Choose an appropriate digital workplace solution

Last but not the least, you need to look for a digital workplace solution that is dedicated to solve HR challenges and other challenges related to employee engagement, communication, and collaboration. So, approach iDeal HR Service, the most reputed industrial employees relations consultant in Hosur, and get ready to stand above the rest!