How Can You Effectively Build Up Employee Engagement?


In the world of HR, employee engagement is one of the core values and most popularly dealt with issue. Different ideas of how to engage employees can inundate, like using the basic tools and techniques of rewards, perks, surveys, analytics, culture boosters, etc. This is why it is no surprise that programs promoting employee engagement are so popular. iDeal HR Services is a well-known name as the best industrial employees relations consultant in Hosur who very well understands this importance, and thus helps clients build up a proactive, fair, and firm industrial relationship between the employees and organization by helping to maintain cordial relationships between the two, and creating a harmonious working environment.

As an employer, you must also put in additional efforts that offer employees meaning, connection, value, and appreciation in their everyday work, in order to foster a culture of employee engagement, because culture leads to performance. After all, engaged employees stay with their company for longer, are more productive, perform better, and ultimately build up a better customer experience. Companies that lose employees often see negative impacts of lower profitability, and also start spending more to recruit newer employees. In order to avoid all this and help the organization perform better, employers need to do a lot to reach out to employees and make them feel valued. Some of these actions include –


Employees will invest their heart, mind, and soul into their work if they have positive communication with their seniors, and when they are clear with their jobs. Also, helping employees know about the positive results of their inputs will let them know that they are on the right path, and that their efforts are being effectively utilized, thus motivating them to push further. This is why the accomplishments of corporate goals must be communicated to the employees; thus connecting their work to the goals, implying how their they are impacting the outcome of the company. They must also be told how valuable they are to the company, which will motivate them to work even better in the future. Additionally, being transparent with them, even in the worst scenarios, will help build trust within them, and they will be more likely to hold on for longer. Thus, timely and consistent communication is a great tool to engage employees.


It has been researched that managers account for 70% of employee engagement, which is why real-time coaching from them is one of the most effective approaches for building up employee engagement. When employees are well-mentored, they know that someone in the organization is there to help them through the path of development. Thus, encouraging such mentor relationships within an organization can create a base for effective communication and honest feedback; thus building a strong connection point between the employee and organization.

Workplace culture

Employees generally spend 40 to 50 hours every week at work. Unless they get a supportive and positive environment at work, it gets very difficult to keep the employees stay for longer. Having a meaningful relationship between all the members involved in the corporation is essential and makes a huge difference in employee experience. So, make it a point to have a supportive team environment to build motivation for your employees. Also, apart from work, let them have some fun time at work too. Give them some time everyday to step away from their desks and come together to spend some free time chatting or playing. Allowing some fun time during the long working hours can boost up their passion to work with you.