Different Types Of Recruitment Possibilities


Recruitment is a crucial part of creating an effective team within an organization. One wrong recruit and it will ruin a lot. A good recruitment strategy cuts down the wastage of time and money, which could have been spent on training and development of unqualified resources otherwise. So, how can recruiters find the right candidates? There are various methods of searching for and selecting the right candidates by following a particular type of source that can suit the requirements of the organization. Listed below are the three main types of sources a recruiter can use to find appropriate candidates for the job.

Internal sourcing

Internal sourcing, as the name suggests, is done within the organization itself. It is the practice of advertising a new or recently vacated job position to those working within the organization. In such kind of sourcing, there is little or no training required because the existing employees in the organization are already well aware of the basics and principles. Therefore, expenses for advertising and training are saved. Also, recruiters are sure that they have the right candidates working on the job, which is why they are less worried. This is the reason internal sourcing is being used by more and more companies today. Internal sourcing could mean transfer of an existing employee, promotion of an existing employee, or referrals of those working within the organization. In any case, loyalty and trust will be maintained, while improving employee productivity and motivation levels. Internal sourcing also includes re-employment of ex-employees, which also adds to the factor of loyalty.

External sourcing

As the name depicts, this kind of sourcing goes out of the organization. An exclusive employee candidate search is conducted through external recruitment tools like advertisements in newspapers, job boards and trade publications. This type of sourcing is used when the vacant position cannot be filled by a current employee or their referral because of the technicality or specialty of the job. However, external sourcing does not guarantee to bring in candidates who have direct experience in your line of work. It could also bring in fresh graduates with fresh perspectives but no training or experience. Nevertheless, when you are opting for external sourcing, you must be sure of the exact type of candidate you are looking for before placing your advertisements so that you can better recruit and check resumes. External souring includes campus recruitments, advertisements, employment at factory gate, employment exchanges, and dealing with labour contractors.

Third-party sourcing

Third-party sourcing involves hiring a placement agency to find the most appropriately qualified candidates for the particular job position you are looking to fill. These agencies are experienced to use various techniques and tools to search for applicants, shortlist them, and find the best candidates that fit well into the position. iDeal HR Service is one such professional staff recruitment agency in Hosur that offers 360 degree talent acquisition and development services for small and medium organizations. Our services include strategic recruitment support, candidate selection assessment, and pre-employment verification. We search for candidates and shortlist them to come up with the best ones, wherein an interview can be arranged between the chosen candidates and your company. Thus, the time, cost and efforts of our clients are highly reduced.