What Is Employee Burnout And How To Prevent It?


Employee engagement is highly important for every company for bringing better outcomes for the organization. However, today it seems that putting in efforts to attain high employee engagement has turned into a huge pressure. Shrinking budgets and organizational shifts have led to frustration, stress, high-pressure situations, and employee burnout. Employee burnout is the situation in which an employee feels extreme exhaustion that could be mental, physical, or emotional. This could be due to stressful work environment, overexertion, and lack of rest. Employee burnout is a serious problem in today’s work environment of overwhelming pressure and tight schedules because it not only affects the mental and physical health of employees, but also affects organizational productivity. Ultimately, it leads to an unfriendly work environment that affects team spirit and morale. This is why employee burnout has been found to be the biggest threat to building an engaged workforce today.

What are the warning signs of employee burnout?

People generally try to accomplish their achievements by working overtime, not taking lunch break, coming early to work, and staying connected with their work even after office hours through their smartphones and emails. And, doing so ultimately leads to burnout. This burnout can be noticed in three ways – exhaustion, hostility, and reduced performance. Look out for the simplest symptoms like sleep problems, headaches, poor concentration, and the feeling that something is off-balance.

How to prevent employee burnout?

Give yourself some Me-time – It is very important to balance your work-life and physical health if you want to fight burnout. Avoid long hours of continuous work, and most importantly don’t be on call 24×7. Instead, start your day with a clear mind and take up short breaks between work. You can schedule small meetings with yourself where you can get some Me-time. Or, you could go for brisk walks with your favourite music into your headphones. Also, remember to keep away from coffee, soda, and chips. Instead, you may munch on healthy alternatives like dry fruits, nuts, milk, and yoghurt. All of this will definitely help you beat stress.

Take assistance from an employee relations professional – Employee burnout can become an issue for an employee relations professional who works with complex cases too frequently or runs into issues with bottlenecks, causing a stack of cases and high stress. Even though such a professional sees higher stress than other roles, and has a high amount of pressure from investigating issues and tackling rough situations, they are the best solutions for your employee burnout problem. This is because they have high expertise in handling all sorts of labour and professional disputes, maintaining cordial relationships with employees, sustaining a disciplined and harmonious working environment, and maintaining proactive and firm industrial relations. The most reliable Industrial Employees Relations Consultant in Hosur is iDeal HR Service who has been providing immense support and assistance to clients in the field successfully.

Teach employees to mature – Although selflessness and the sense of helping others are appreciative, you need to set boundaries for the same. You need not come forward to fix everything for everyone. You may be a good listener for them, but let them come to their own conclusions and decisions, while taking the necessary steps themselves. Another very important problem seen in organizations is the blame game. Encourage employees to avoid such things because such complaining and finger-pointing only leads to energy dissipation and weakened performance.