The Evolution Of ‘Human Resources’

the-evolution-of-human-resources‘Human Resources’ is now an obsolete term, and it’s true! Today, HR directors and coordinators do not only focus on hiring and firing employees; nor is their role confined to only ascertaining that the company is in compliance with the benefits and payrolls. They have a lot more to do and accomplish these days.

People working in an organization are the greatest resources a company could have. They need to be dealt with and kept in the company for as long as possible; and cannot be depleted, replenished or replaced every now and then. Competitive and productive companies are those who have their staff working with them for long terms. To remain competitive with these successful companies, you need to keep your staff revitalized, encouraged and motivated so that they can continue to perform their best.

Earlier, HR professionals were isolated as a separate entity, and not part of the employee team or upper management. The HR department was a completely distinguished category of every organization. But now, companies have started realizing that no organization can focus on building a strong company culture with strong employees if the people-in-charge are not part of the team they lead. This is why HR professionals are finding new names in their organizations like chief people officer, people operations manager, director of employee engagement, chief happiness officer, etc. And, with these new innovative titles, come a whole wide range of new responsibilities too.

Today’s HR department requires a cultural revival, reputation management coaching and a PR facelift. As part of the HR department, these personnel started treating employees as commodities. But with these new titles, it helps them view employees as people with feelings and ambitions. This in turn helps them consider the personalities and attributes of the employees while managing the overall working environment of the workplace for better productivity and morale.

Today, employees are permitted to video conferences, flex-times, and BYOD policies, which help them to do their jobs with greater efficiency, resulting in happier and productive employees. And, HR professionals are made to look after employee engagement, employee empowerment, and employee experience, along with maintaining a great workplace culture. HRs are required to find the balance between workplace flexibility and getting the job done. They are to ensure that every employee is treated reasonably, and that their working time, working location, and technologies used are customized to their specific needs.

To keep up with all these evolutions, smart HR teams have been developed. iDeal HR Service is a renowned and updated Human Resource Consultant in Hosur who has a great experience in smartly handling the services of recruitment, employee training, statutory compliance, industrial relations, and liaisoning and approvals. They not only manage people, but also manage the technologies used to build workplace flexibility and enhance productivity.

To sum it up, as the role of the HR department continues to evolve, the old and dated thinking and tasks of HR professionals have phased out. With new titles coming up for organizational leaders, professionals are coming up with new ways of creating company cultures built upon the values of the organization and its workers.