Why Is Job Satisfaction Important?


Job satisfaction is highly important not only for an employee, but also for the organization as a whole. It is understood why job satisfaction is important for an employee. Being satisfied with the job will have the employee be happy at work and result in lesser frustration and worry. But, how does job satisfaction affect the organization? It’s simple – The happier the workers are, the better their state of mind towards their work, and better their performance will be.

Employees who are unsatisfied with their job will not be motivated and enthusiastic towards any chores assigned to them, and they will be more prone to escaping their duties. Moreover, they will be seen with higher levels of absence from work. Even when they are present, they will show very less concern in the issues of the organization, which will certainly affect the organizations’ performance negatively.

On the other hand, those who are highly satisfied with their job have a tendency to be more friendly, cooperative and helpful with their colleagues and co-workers. This kind of cooperation brings in sharing and learning. Job satisfaction also induces security and superior workplace feelings with lesser negativity and clashes, thus aiding in smooth running of the organization. Thus, it can be concluded that satisfied employees are more likely to perform superior than unsatisfied ones.

If the employees are happy at work, they will also deliver their best. Satisfied employees will be loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst circumstances. Such employees don’t work out of compulsion, but out of passion. Thus, even in the worst scenarios, they will try to find possible solutions to take the organization to the next level. But employees who are not happy will never put in efforts for the same. In fact, they will think of leaving their job in case a shoddy situation arises. Organizations need to retain talented employees for long term growth and success. Although employers can always hire new candidates, but it is always better to have current trained employees sticking to the organization.

If the current employees in an organization are happy and passionate towards their work, it will lead to a positive ambience at the workplace and higher levels of productivity. This will in turn affect customer satisfaction and bring in more customer loyalty. Thus, job satisfaction holds a great relationship with the progress and success of the organization.

Which factors decide upon the level of job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction of employees depends highly on how favourable the workplace is. Without any doubt, their timings, amount of work, and salary are important, but there are other factors that are even more important to decide upon the level of their job satisfaction. These include –

  • Respect – Treating all the employees within the organization with respect is of prime importance. Until and unless the employees feel valued and respected, they will not put in extra efforts for the company.
  • Healthy Environment – A positive and healthy working environment that is free from harassment, morale issues and discrimination is crucial for employees to work optimistically.
  • Growth – Employees work not only for pay, but also for growth. They want to grow and excel in their field. If they are able to see an established upward career path within the organization, they will be more dedicated and motivated.
  • Trust – There must be a solid foundation of trust between the senior management and employees. Just like trust is important in any personal relationship, it is equally important in workplaces too.
  • Security – Imagine the anxiety employees may feel when they come to work every day with a feeling of confusion as to whether their job is secure or not. This anxiety will negatively affect his working and in turn, the outcomes of the organization. Thus, there must be honest communication and transparency between the organization and employees stating the company’s health and long-term viability.

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