How To Have Job Seekers Choosing You Over Your Competitors?


How-To-Have-Job-Seekers-Choosing-You-Over-Your-CompetitorsYou are always in search for talented and skilled candidates for the job in your organization. You put up advertisements in newspapers, online job boards, websites, and social networking sites. You scan through the resumes that come your way and shortlist them to come up with several rounds of interviews with those you have selected. And then, you believe that you will get the best candidate to work for you. But, this is not always so easy and true! You are not the only one looking for candidates to hire. There are your competitors and many others who are trying to compel those candidates to come to them too!

It isn’t necessary that those looking for employment will sign up with you when you offer them the job. Just like you have multiple candidates to choose from, they may also have a list of companies to opt for. They will also tally all the different aspects of the job, and the pros and cons of every different company offering them the job, and then decide on where they would like to work. So, if you don’t want to lose out on some of the best skilled and talented people, you need to know what you must do so that they pick you over the others.

Be prepared

It isn’t only the candidates who need to be prepared; you need to be prepared too. Before going in to interview the candidates, you need to be ready with all the questions you need to ask them. Along with the basic questions, you need to have further questions ready based on what the possible answers of the candidates could be. This will have the candidates thinking of you as professional and organized. Also, be prepared to answer all the possible queries that the candidates may have you to respond to like the role and responsibilities, goals and objectives, challenges, perks, salaries, etc. so that they can clearly understand what will be in store for them.

Rapid recruitment processes

This is the age of speed and momentum. People have no time to waste, and no time to wait too. Employers want to find the best candidate for the job vacancy as soon as possible, and employees want the best job at the earliest too. There are many employees who want to quit their current job and opt for a new one as soon as an opportunity knocks. You want these candidates to spot you and take up the job almost instantly. For this, you need to have a recruitment firm to keep an eye for job seekers and arrange an interview with them at the earliest. Also, you need to cut short the multiple rounds of interviews and try to hire your employee within the least number of sittings, so that he doesn’t get enough time to look out for other job options.

Woo the candidates with your brand

With so many other businesses falling in your niche, there must be something tempting that should have candidates opting for you over the others. you need to highlight what sets your company apart from the rest. Let your candidates know what special you have to offer them with concrete details. Let them know how they can benefit by working with you than others in your field.

Ask candidates what they are looking for

You have told the candidates what you are looking for and what you expect from them. But, remember that an employer-employee relationship should be a mutual one. Have them feel important and valued so that they can trust you even more. Ask them what they are looking for within the organization they work, and you could also ask them for what other offers they are getting elsewhere. Provide them with the best based on their information, so that it can prove beneficial to both of you.

Apart from all of the above, remember to be warm, sincere and open while interviewing the candidates. Make them feel that they belong to your organization, and let them know that their presence will be helpful in the success of the company. To make it easier for you to get the right candidates for the job, you must hire professionals who can help you out with the interviewing and recruitment processes. One such name in iDeal HR Services who has proved to be the most professional and trusted Human Resource Consultant in Hosur today.