What Kind Of Etiquettes Should You Show In The Workplace?


Although we probably know what good etiquettes are, and which qualities we must possess while dealing with others, especially in the workplace, at times we may not realize that our behaviour is being considered as unprofessional by others. What may seem fine to us may not be appropriate in the eyes of the management and co-workers. Therefore, it is very important to know what kind of etiquettes employers and management expect from us, rather than deciding upon it ourselves. After all, you want to impress your seniors and employers so that you can stay on the job for longer, and get a quick promotion and salary raise, isn’t it?

Identifying company policies

To start with, you must find out all your company’s policies and procedures as soon as possible. For example, there may be companies where personal chats and interactions are allowed, but there are others who do not want any kind of personal talks happening during office hours. In the latter case, using your personal devices may disrupt your professionalism, and may also lead to monitoring your internet usage and emails during office hours. So, it is better to recognize all such minute details about the company’s policies so that you aren’t doing anything to violate them. You can find out about these policies through the company’s website or handbooks, or by speaking with the HR office. For any hesitation regarding the same, you can also speak to the agency who has recruited you for the job. A considerate staff recruitment agency in Narasapura like iDeal HR Service will always be ready to help. However, whether your company has any strict policies or not, it is always better to avoid personal calls, messages, and tasks during office hours, to keep yourself in the good books.

Owning up for your mistakes

If you have for whatsoever reason violated the company’s policies, you should be courageous enough to speak to the employer or your department head to let him know of your misconduct. Although this may have negative consequences, it is better than having them find out from elsewhere. Moreover, your honesty and courage of owning up for your mistakes may help your seniors perceive you with a different perspective, as a result of which they may ignore your act of misconduct and pardon you.

Dressing up professionally

One very easy and clever tip is to dress up professionally. If your company has its own dress code or uniform, you save yourself from all the hassles. But if not, you must still put in efforts to always look professional in your outlook, may it be your clothes, shoes, hairdo, bags, or other accessories. And what if you are dressed up all perfect but are warned for reaching late to work? All your efforts and impression go down the drain. So, along with dressing up professionally, also remember to always be on time for work. This adds to your professional image.


Active individuals are always preferred over dormant ones, no matter how clever they may be. So, be prompt to take up responsibilities when assigned, and also to respond to company emails. Even if you don’t have an appropriate response to what is asked of you, you can always respond to let the other person know that you will work upon it and revert back at the earliest.