Make Hiring Easy With These Simple Tips

make-hiring-easy-with-these-simple-tipsHiring a staff is not an easy job. It requires a lot to be put in – writing a job description, posting it online, reviewing reviews, and interviewing candidates. All of this takes time. Any haste in this process may lead to wrong selections. Although a tough job, you can use these simple hacks to make the process easier and efficient.

Hire an HR company

You can always outsource the job of hiring to a professional HR company if taking up the job on your own is not your cup of tea. As mentioned above, hiring new staff requires lots of time and considerations. If you have no time for reading applications, meeting candidates and interviewing them, you may as well let an HR company take care of it.  They know their job well and can help you find efficient staff more conveniently and faster than you would do on your own. iDeal HR Service is a reputed Human Resource Consultant in Hosur – a name you can count upon for providing strategic recruitment support, candidate selection assessment, pre-employment verification and all the services you would need for an effective recruitment.

Employ your team to help

There can be nothing better than your existing staff bringing in other people. Your existing staff knows your business, your procedures, your rules, and most importantly YOU! They know what kind of people will fit into your business. You can incentivize successful referrals with cash bonus, perks or gift cards. Remember, if you are a good employer, you can attract great staff. So, if you have been a good employer to your existing people, they will be more than happy to help.

Look through social media profiles

Almost everyone today has a social media profile on some platform or the other. You can do a background check on your shortlisted candidates to see what their profiles have to say. Obviously, you shouldn’t base your hiring decision entirely on the profile, but you can get an idea about what the person is generally about after looking into it. Social media can in fact be used as skills assessment, especially if the candidate you are interested in has a professional blog post or portfolio work.

Use the latest tech trends

A majority of people wish to work for companies that are updated with the latest technology trends. And, there is nothing more in trend than social media today. You can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to intensify your job opening. Post your job openings on these platforms and you can easily target your existing followers. Also, you must be certain that your career site is mobile-friendly because more and more people today are using their smartphones for browsing job listings, creating a resume and filling out job applications.

Drop in at the right places

Find out where you can find the right candidates for your company. You must know where such people will be hanging out, may it be physically or virtually. For example, candidates for sales can be met at trade shows; candidates for technical talent can be met at hackathons, and so on. So, you need to drop in at such places to find new talents.