Do You Need To Hire A Recruitment Agency?


Looking to hire new staff members for your team? You know that it requires lots of efforts, thinking and considerations, but you wish to do it on your own rather than hiring a recruitment agency because you don’t wish to spend on hiring when you can get a free ad posted online. But what you don’t realize is that a free job ad is not actually ‘free’. After posting an ad, you look into every person that applies, shortlist the candidates, interview the bunch of selected candidates, and then decide on who would be the best. This will have you focusing entirely on recruitment, which will affect your other tasks and duties. You must by now realize that working with a recruiter instead is a far more decent option. Obviously a recruiting company may not be the final call for your recruitment needs, but it does play an effective role in the process. Take a look at all that they can do for you.

Screening and selecting appropriate candidates

Recruiters will first learn everything about your business, company culture, values and the description of the job vacancy you are looking to fill. They will learn from you about the sorts of skills, traits, experience and character you require for employing a person. After understanding all about you and what you are looking for, they will screen every candidate they have on their list to shortlist those that have the capabilities to integrate effectively within your company.

Finalizing a list of candidates

Next, they arrange for a meeting with the candidates to let them know of the vacancy, where they can instigate them with all the pros of working with your company and the position they will be working for. This way they create a list of appropriate and interested candidates, who will be suitable for your requirement.

 Arranging for personal interviews

The recruiters now approach you with the list and show you the profiles of candidates they have selected to help you understand every person in detail. It is now you who decides who you would like to personally interview, for which the recruiters arrange meetings. After every meeting, you will have to let the recruiter know your feedback so that they know whether their selection corresponds with your requirements.

Now that you know what the recruiters can do for you, you will be in a better position to decide whether hiring a recruiter or doing the job in-house is better. If you decide to opt for hiring a recruiter, make sure to get in touch with iDeal HR Service, the most specialized and renowned staff recruitment agency in Hosur, who offers a professional and 360 degree talent acquisition services for small and medium enterprises. Remember that the task may seem to be straightforward, but it can get very time-consuming. The task of hiring involves writing a job description, posting ads, promoting the role, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, holding interviews, short-listing candidates, arranging for a second interview and then negotiations in terms of the rules, laws and salaries.