All You Need To Know About Interviewing Graduates


Hiring graduates has its own pros and cons. While they are more enthusiastic, passionate, keen to learn, and less influenced than already working professionals, they have no work experience or record to be judges upon. So how would you know which of the list of graduates you are interviewing are the more deserving and profitable ones? Although it all lies in your instinct, there are some tips you must follow while interviewing graduates, which will help you choose better.

Keep the language simple

Even though you are a high-tech industry and extremely professional, you must remember that the graduates may not be completely confident or apt to use industry jargon yet. Using such technical terms may get them nervous or faltering, even if they might have learnt about it in college. You need to have the candidates comfortable, and for that you must come down to their level and speak in a language they are familiar with. And about the technical part, don’t worry, they will surely learn with time while working with you.

Keep it relaxed

Remember how you were a fresher at one point of time, and how nervous you were for your first interview? Remember how it made you stressed out and pressurized? This is how the graduates you are going to interview might also be feeling. Obviously, they have no experience about this professional atmosphere they will be brought to, which is so much in contrast to their educational lifestyle. This is why you need to be a little lenient with them, and let go off the ‘strict business’ attitude you carry on otherwise, so that they can feel relaxed and be themselves while in the interview. Once they are comfortable, they will show you their real self. So, ask them general questions about their family, hobbies, likings, achievements, etc. All this talk will help you discover where their skills and abilities lie, and will help you learn about their personality and character traits.

Meddle with their minds

After creating a comfortable atmosphere, give your interview a pickup by asking them some out-of-the-box questions that will help you see how their brain works. Ask them some challenging questions that may or may not be related to your field, and see if they come up with analytical or logical answers, or if they can show some wittiness. You can also ask them questions that can help you peek into their morals and values. This will help you learn about their ethics, and whether they will be able to do justice to their job or not. Remember that once the candidate is employed by you, you will have to mould him the way you want him to work with you. So let go of all the spineless questions and try to find out who they really are as a person, which will help you learn how to treat and tackle them in future.

Rounding it off

Once you have done your part, you must end your conversation by asking them for any questions they have for you. Just like you have learnt about them, they also have the right to know about your company. let them feel free to ask about anything they would want to know to help them know better if they would like to work with you for a long term or not. After all, the relationship should be a mutual one.

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