Have You Prepared For These Difficult Yet Frequently Asked HR Interview Questions?


Clearing an HR interview requires skillfulness and ability to handle both technical and non-technical questions with great flair. In order to find the right fit for their company, the set of interviewers prepare a series of tricky questions that can throw any candidate off-guard. With tricky questions, almost 90% of new hires fail, which increases the chance of hiring the best candidates for the job. If you don’t want to get yourself into that 90% slot, you must be well-prepared and aware of the questions you may be confronted with during your interview session. Here are 7 difficult yet frequently asked HR interview questions that you could face too. So, be prepared with your answers beforehand.

Why should we hire you? OR Why do you think you will fit in this job?

With this question, the interviewer wants to know how confident you are, and what positive attitudes about yourself you are aware of. So, stay calm and confident, and take this as an opportunity to speak about the key strengths or experience you have that can match the qualities required for the job and the company.

Tell us about any of your failures at work.

Nobody likes speaking about their failures, especially when you are being interviewed by a stranger who is to evaluate you. However, when confronted with the above statement, you can’t keep mum; neither can you say that you haven’t encountered any failures because being a human, that is almost impractical. So, you will have to speak about your failure with utmost maturity. You need to present it in a way that showcases your honesty as well as ability to learn from your mistakes. Speak about those failures that don’t reveal any grave mistakes or unprofessional behaviour on your part. You could speak about a project that failed due to multiple factors, and not wholly because of you.

How have you handled criticism in the past?

Every employer would like to hire a candidate who can take feedback positively, which is why he would like to know whether you can handle criticism. To answer the above question, you can speak about a situation where you were given constructive feedback that helped you become better at your job because you had the ability to accept the criticism and learn from it. However, remember not to speak about any such situation that highlights your weakness clearly.

What is your biggest weakness?

After the above question, if you don’t respond with an answer that states your weakness, the interviewer may directly ask you for it. Obviously, you want to keep your flaws hidden as much as possible. But again, you can’t say you have no weakness, because again that will be unrealistic too. So, you must think about how you overcame the potential downside of your greatest strength, and speak about it in the most skillful way.

What are the latest trends of our industry?

Through this question, the interviewer is trying to test your knowledge about the industry and wants to find out how updated you are with the latest trends. So, before you hop on for the interview, you must study all the basics about the industry and the latest updates. You must also educate yourself about the basic trends and significant challenges that the industry faces. And, for gaining all of this knowledge, you can take assistance from Google.

Have you ever handled a major crisis?

Every organization has to cope up with a difficult situation, one time or the other. And, with this question, the interviewer is trying to analyze whether you can work under pressure. You can speak about any experience from your study, work experience, extracurricular activities, or any other situation to illustrate how difficult the situation was, and how your strengths helped you out of it.

Where do you expect to be in a few years’ time?

Interviewers may generally end up their interrogation with this question. Make sure you have done some employer research and have an understanding of your chosen career path. Stay confident and show some enthusiasm of working with the company. You must be able to reflect the nature of the company, industry, and your own skills and talent with your answer if you want to impress the interviewer.

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