What Recruitment Strategies Must You Implement While Hiring?


Recruitment involves finding candidates, reviewing applicant resumes, screening potential employees, and finally employee selection. Effective recruitment results in the hiring of skilled and experienced employees who can suitably fit the job and corporate culture. However, it is important to apply the most effective recruitment strategies if you want effective outcomes. The most popular and successful recruitment methods seen today include posting job openings on job boards and online, advertising job openings in newspapers, offering an effective and informational recruiting website, obtaining referrals from current employees, attending job and career fairs, participating in social networking sites, and participating in in-person networking at various events. Another popular and most successful recruitment method that is being largely used today is outsourcing the services to a recruitment firm. One such name is iDeal HR Service, the most professional and experienced staff recruitment agency in Hosur, who can investigate and bring out the best candidates for the job within your organization. However, if you are planning to do so in-house, you must make sure you are considering these top recruitment tips to get the best candidates hired.

Background verification check

Today, inaccuracy of resumes has grown far above heights. Recruiters are worried about false resumes flooding their desks. This is why it has become highly important for companies to conduct background verification checks to get the correct information about educational credentials, past work history, residential proof, and any criminal records. With such checks growing further, the number of false resumes will gradually come down. Candidates will be submitting correct resumes, clearing up any discrepancies. This will ultimately help to curb resume fraud, and will help recruiters to source credible candidates easily; thus reducing hiring risk and speeding up hiring time.

Employment eligibility verification

With E-Verify and Form I-9 compliance becoming highly important, it also ensures employment eligibility, and can save you from penalties and fines, if followed. The I-9 Form can be difficult to understand and prone to errors. However, automating the historical paper Form I-9 process ensures that forms are correct and properly stored. Employment eligibility verification eliminates stacks of paper and helps to reduce errors, while improving compliance.

Drug screening

It has been confirmed that India is the biggest consumer of heroin today! And, the number of employees using illicit drugs is only increasing every day. As a result, recruiters and HRs are implementing pre-employment drug screening tests. A well-designed drug testing program will decrease workers’ compensation claims, on-the-job injuries, absenteeism, and other potential damage; thus improving productivity.

Social media screening

We know how social media has highly affected each one of us today. And, people are also utilizing these platforms to recruit candidates. In fact, more than 75% of Hr, staffing, and recruitment professionals use online career sites for talent acquisition. It offers a free way to identify passive candidates, verify their resume claims, and gain insights into an individual’s skills and personality. However, social media can create legal concerns, and thus should be used wisely to avoid any dangers.

Utilizing these four recruitment strategies will greatly shape the employment scenario and improve recruiting hiring in the future.