What Role Does A Liaison Consultant Play?


The Indian market growing at a superfluous rate, with skilled manpower and high quality entrepreneurs, is attracting both national and international businessmen. Many Indian companies and MNCs are seen to be coming up to make the Indian market a rising manufacturing center.

Whether Indian or international, anyone who wants to set up a business in any part of India, needs to acquire big or small land to build up his estate, or a ready building to start up his new venture, along with necessary approvals from the government, authorities and statutory bodies. Whether it is automobile, food, fashion, IT or any other industry, every company needs to mandatorily register itself and obtain all the necessary licenses as per the Indian law, before starting up its operations. These events involve lots of legal procedures and licenses that can be complex and prove to be a hassle for those who are new to the field. This is where people rely on professional Liaison Consultants to help them out.

As the name given, Liaison Consultants act as connections between the company to be setup and the local authorities and government to ensure effortless and efficient processes between the two for setting up a new business. These professionals take up lots of responsibilities involving obtaining permissions, approvals and all other necessary things done for setting up the business. They coordinate with the government, authoritative bodies, statutory bodies and many other administrative bodies to ensure legal agreements of all the norms related to the project buildup. One name that you can rely upon if you are planning to set up a business project in Bangalore is iDeal HR Service, who has proved to be a reputed, renowned and most professional Legal Liaisoning Consultant in Hosur. You can be sure to obtain all the necessary certificates, permissions and approvals for setting up your business without any hassles if you join hands with iDeal HR Service.

What are the various roles and responsibilities of a Liaison Consultant?

  • Liaison Consultants work together with the planning team to plan up all tactics for obtaining approvals, and incorporate them in the plan of the project.
  • Liaison Consultants prepare budgets for obtaining all the required approvals, and work with the costing and budgeting team by providing necessary inputs for the project.
  • Liaison Consultants frame relevant clauses and strike agreements with Liaison Architects after negotiating on important aspects like timelines, payments, and other terms and conditions.
  • Liaison Consultants work with the design team and support them with inputs on the regulations required to finalize schematic layouts and final building plans.
  • Most importantly, Liaison Consultants ensure that all the necessary approvals and certificates are acquired in a timely manner. This responsibility also includes confirmation of necessary submissions done on time for obtaining approvals promptly. Also, they are responsible for obtaining commencement certificates at various stages of the project.
  • Liaison Consultants coordinate with all the necessary regulatory bodies for updates in requirements, proposals and new developments that can be useful for further projects and proposals. They also update the management on these recent developments in the new regulations and building norms.