How Do Talent Management And Human Resources Differ?


Talent management and human resources (HR) have a very tangled and complicated relationship. While HR has been around helping companies manage and support their employees since time immemorial, talent management has just made an entry as a newcomer. Although there is no specific definition for talent management yet, but it is said to be a set of integrated organization HR processes that are designed to attract, motivate, develop and retain productive and engaged employees. So, let us get into a detailed description and understanding of talent management before deciding on whether it is similar to or different from HR.

Talent management focus not only on whether an employee is fit for the role, but it also focuses on whether he is fit for the company and future roles that may come up. It is therefore an organization-wide, holistic strategy for hiring, training and retaining the best employees. Now you may say that HR also serves the same purpose. But, talent management although performing a similar role, differs from HR in various ways. HR is a tactical process that deals with day-to-day management of people, while talent management is a strategic long-term plan that is closely associated with overall business goals. Moreover, HR is more focused on administrational activities involving pay, wages, benefits, vacations, and complaints. But, talent management is focused only on helping and improving the top talents in the organization. Therefore, talent management is related to all the systems and processes that help in maintaining a superior workforce within an organization.

As a result of the above mentioned points, we can thus summarize that both HR and talent management are concerned with managing employees, but talent management focuses on involving those who are closest to employees, like line managers. Also, talent management takes up only the top performers and prepares them for strategic leadership positions, thus putting special emphasis on personal development coaching. The business strategy of talent management is highly useful because the information sharing of extraordinary talented employees enables various departments to identify and utilize the available talent when future opportunities arise.

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